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Posted by samgr on February 5, 2007

Okay: I’m gradually easing back into this.

I’ve noticed that there are two competing film adaptations of the novel Flatland, by Edwin Abbott, that are currently in the works — this one and this one. I thought that this was a pretty weird coincidence (or nefarious plot), considering that Flatland is well-known but not exactly on everyone’s top ten list.

I can’t divine much difference between the two, except the first has a much more star-studded cast. Martin Sheen’s voice coming from a small animated square is pretty silly.

Apparently, these aren’t the first adaptations either. Check out this excerpt from a 1960s version, produced by the Harvard VES department and narrated by Dudley Moore.


One Response to “Flatland”

  1. Dangr said

    Hey this isn’t really about the movies themselves, but if you play with the five buttons under the martin sheen one while the trailer is going (and the Lemony Snicket music is playing), it fits, its really cool coz its in the same key. And I’ve now started a techno song based on those chords and notes. But try it, it’s fun!

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