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One Sentence Reviews Thus Far

Posted by samgr on February 9, 2007


The Road, by Cormac McCarthy — Yay!

The Road is a beautifully-written and inordinately depressing description of a post-apocalyptic America, but the masterful language would have more power and significance if married to a better plot.
(reviewed 1/15/07)

Invisible Cities, by Italo Calvino — Yay!

This book is fantastic, deeply weird, and smarter than me.
(reviewed 1/15/07)

The Final Solution, by Michael Chabon — Nay.

I love both Michael Chabon and the concept for this book (an unnamed elderly detective and beekeeper solves a mystery in 1944), but, despite beautiful language, it doesn’t arrive anywhere or achieve much; what’s more, I have my own more interesting ideas about what Mr. H. would be up to in his dotage.
(reviewed 1/17/07)

Shadow of the Torturer, by Gene Wolfe — Yay!

Despite the grisly and melodramatic title, this is a pretty good scifi/fantasy story set in the far future, boasting an original and interesting world that is unfortunately populated by listless and boring characters (and weirdly-written sex).
(reviewed 1/17/07)


Pan’s Labyrinth, directed by Guillermo Del Toro — Yay!

Pan’s Labyrinth was among the two or three best movies I’ve seen all year, using fantastic imagery and fairy-tale themes to tell a deeply-moving story and remind the viewer of the fundamental cruelty at the heart of fascism.
(reviewed 1/15/07)

Clueless, directed by Amy Heckerling — Yay!

I guess everyone knows this already, but this movie is awesome; also it has Paul Rudd in it.
(reviewed 1/17/01)


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