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Learning About Sexuality is Apparently for Losers

Posted by samgr on February 28, 2007

I really do want to avoid the rant-iness factor, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Check out this editorial printed in the Harvard Crimson attacking a class on female sexuality at Harvard.

How was this published? This sort of thing happens unhappily frequently in the Crimson. A weirdly vocal and uninformed minority decides that the world needs it to battle against the evil forces of political correctness. Also, seriously, this girl IS NOT IN THE CLASS. She attended the info session. This is a less serious version of the ridiculousness of this badly-written New York Times article which used as one of its primary sources a prefrosh who had never yet attended a Harvard class.

The author also suggests that instead of attending the class, “class members would do well to find better sexual partners.” But she also has argued that Harvard should not pass out condoms, because to do so would encourage sexual promiscuity.


So, the take-away message: don’t learn about sexuality. Instead, use that time to “find better sexual partners.” Once you have found these better sexual partners, kill them, thus de-incentivizing promiscuity and decreasing the surplus population.


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