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Joke from my Grandfather

Posted by samgr on July 23, 2007

Man being tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail:

“If it weren’t for the honor, I’d just as soon walk.”


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Strange, this Harry, he leaves the room, yet remains…

Posted by samgr on July 19, 2007

Part of the tragedy of the internet is that if you think you come up with something brilliant, it’s very easy to do a search and find out that dozens of people have already thought of it. My least favorite example of this is when I thought I was the first person to come up with the phrase “Barack the Vote.” I was able to disabuse myself of that idea very quickly, and “boom” went my visions of millions in t-shirt profits.

(A tiny bit related: I also thought I had come up with the descriptive phrase “muffin top,” and my dad says for a brief period in the sixties he thought that he had come up with “party-pooper.” These are examples of being stupid.)

So anyway, the point is that I’ve discovered my brilliant insight about Harry Potter HAS already been made, but not by all that many people. But I promise I came up with it independently. Also it’s not that brilliant. It is that it’s weirdly easy to make the song “Lily’s Eyes” from “The Secret Garden” correspond to the Harry Potter books, for reasons that are obvious if you’ve read the books. Concidence? Probably. Or J.K. Rowling didn’t bother to google the phrase “Lily’s hazel eyes” before writing the books, and now it’s too late. But here’s where I go out on a limb (again, not totally alone on that limb): my prediction is that the song will be proven MORE relevant by the final book.

Discuss. And I make no apology for writing about Harry Potter.

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Roy Orbison Wrapped in Clingfilm (Shrinkwrap?)

Posted by samgr on July 7, 2007

This is by far the best meme/fetish/slash fiction that I have ever seen. It describes a man’s series of encounters with Roy Orbison, always ending with the protagonist deriving sensual pleasure from wrapping Mr. Orbison up in clingfilm (which I think is shrinkwrap on our side of the Atlantic). I would love to look into contacting and interviewing this gentleman, possibly for the current incarnation of the Open Source website. We’ll see how well that goes over. I also want to write one of these stories. Full disclosure: I also once wanted to write a story in which Roy Orbison was the exiled king of the merpeople. I’m not even joking about this; I had it all worked out in my head. Maybe this site will give me the confidence to go forward with it.

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Why is this Kidnapped Girl “British”?

Posted by samgr on July 6, 2007

So this morning I was doing some research on the story about the kidnapped three-year-old in Nigeria. Something that strikes me as odd is that this girl is referred to in most of the stories as a “UK girl” or “British girl,” yet according to the stories, she seems to have been born in Nigeria, her British father has lived there for ten years, and her mother is Nigerian. So how is she universally agreed to be British? My guess is that, in this case, “British” is code for “at least partially white,” which is also why this story is getting worldwide attention. Two other toddlers have been kidnapped in the Niger Delta in the past month, but they were “Nigerian” toddlers, so they don’t get the attention that poor Margaret Hill does.

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Depressing Patches in Netflix Queues

Posted by samgr on July 5, 2007

I’m bored and a little wired from drinking too much coffee, so I’m writing ANOTHER post. Sue me, I’m making up for a couple months of not writing anything. This one is for anyone who has Netflix. Do other people have depressing patches in their queues? For a while I had a stretch that went along the lines of:
United 93
Hotel Rwanda
Schindler’s List

…and so on. These things obviously have to be broken up, no one can actually watch all these movies in a row without sticking some “Simpsons” episodes betwixt and between. I think you may be able to reconstruct what mood you were in when you added movies to your queue by what type of movies they are. The depressing movies don’t necessarily mean that you were depressed, I don’t think. They could just mean that you were seeking self-improvement. So what does it mean when you (I) added Barbarella and Jesus Christ Superstar? I just don’t know.

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A Renaissance for Drive-In Movie Theaters?

Posted by samgr on July 5, 2007

I was talking with my roommate Cailin about this this morning; I think it’s high time for drive-in movie theaters to come back into style. It seems like such a great idea to me. They used to be everywhere, but now I’d have to drive for a couple hours to get to the closest, which is depressing. I think there could be a market. Nostalgia sells; you could have waitresses on roller-skates and everything.

There were a lot of open-air theaters in Greece when I was writing for a travel guide there, and they were great! Some were on roofs; you would sit down outside, get a beer, and watch the show. That’s a slightly different thing I guess, and in either case it’s sort of climate-dependent, but I’m sure it could all be made to work somehow.

(I always watched schlocky American movies in Greece when I was homesick. I saw Spiderman 2 and Hidalgo, both of which I would give three stars out of five… You can’t get much more Hollywood than Hidalgo; it’s about a cowboy teaching uptight Arabs to loosen up and be more like Americans. At the end, he’s saved by the spirits of his native American ancestors. I guess that’s a spoiler. Spoiler alert.)

What do you think? Would you pay to see a drive-in movie? Would you pay ME to see a drive-in movie? Would you pay the spirits of your native American ancestors?

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Open Source Sleeps

Posted by samgr on July 5, 2007

So Radio Open Source is taking a nap. Hopefully it will wake up. In any case, it’s been fun. The site will still be active in some way over the summer, and I’ll still contribute in some capacity. Meanwhile, I’ll try to start blogging here again. Onward and upward. And if you check out the site, you can still find a whole bunch of things I wrote and helped out with, plus a lot of other great stuff.

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