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Sammy and Agouti in Costa Rica

Posted by samgr on October 4, 2007

Puerto Viejo continues to be fun and hilarious. I saw an agouti a few feet away from the cabin I’m staying at, and continue to be offered pot absolutely wherever I am. I was actually floating in the ocean about forty feet from the beach and a guy drifts by in a kayak: hey man, good ganja? That’s just silly.

I continue to meet people, both interesting and not-so-interesting. A lot of vacationing Americans like to come up to me and talk about how much they hate Israel. I’m not sure what about me brings out this in people. I got it in Greece too, but more often from Greeks. It’s like a weird roller-coaster ride. Blah blah Bush sucks, ok sure, blah blah, oil, neo-cons, blah blah, Israel. Wait, what’s the last stop? How did we even get here? Bill Kristol, Billy Crystal, something? Smeh. I guess I’m a good listener, and the actual Israelis (who make up a significant plurality of foreigners traveling in Costa Rica) are presumably less receptive.

I’m eating a lot of fish, obviously. Today I had some very good Nicaraguan-style fish soup for lunch, and I’m likely to have some kind of fish for dinner. A lot of the different kinds I’m not familiar with though. Like what is Dorado? Wikipedia ahoy!

UPDATE: So dorado is mahi-mahi, which is a good choice ecologically, as opposed to red snapper, which is horrifically over-fished. The more you know.


4 Responses to “Sammy and Agouti in Costa Rica”

  1. Mom said

    Hi, Sam. Good to get news of your latest adventures. Was the agouti the same kind of creature as in the sculpture park in Villhermosa — the ones that surrounded us and wanted our sandwiches?
    Happy travels.

  2. samgr said

    Hi mom, those were coatis. Agoutis look like weird little guinea pigs.

  3. Natalia said

    Thats so funny I lived 2 months in Puerto viejo and it’s so true everyone asks you if you want weed.. butcould be worst.. at that time I had super long hair and was all toasted from the sun and people was asking ME if I sold any…:P

    Hope you enjoy your stay!

  4. Opiniones de gente de verdad sobre asuntos de verdad en Costa Rica:

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