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Comic Gold? (Four Yorkshiremen Rip-Off)

Posted by samgr on February 29, 2008

You’re goshdarn right it’s comic gold. Check out Cailin’s YouTube channel for some other things we did. We also made a pretty bad live-action Oregon Trail video which hasn’t made it to the internets yet.

UPDATE: Credit where credit is due, the structure and concept of this video is stolen pretty directly from the Four Yorkshiremen skit, which I’ve always thought was pretty amazing. I love it because it’s actually incredibly simple; the whole thing is basically one simple escalating joke, but it builds at just the right pace to be hilarious. Note; a lot of people think this is originally a Monty Python skit; it’s actually not. It was written before Python, in 1948, by John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Tim Brooke-Taylor, and MARTY FELDMAN! Igor! Awesome! Check this out:

And here’s Monty Python doing it in 1974, plus a hilarious tribute from 2001 including Eddie Izzard and (randomly) Alan Rickman:


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