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Sarah Palin? Really?

Posted by samgr on August 30, 2008


So my new job is as a freelance producer at On Point over at WBUR. We’ve obviously been doing a lot of political coverage. And yesterday the senior editor and the news analyst were talking about how brilliant a pick Sarah Palin is for the McCain campaign.

I am seriously skeptical, though. To me it just seems like desperation. I would bet money that they had pretty much settled on Mitt before the “how many houses do I have” thing intervened and they had to scramble for someone who isn’t richer than Howard Hughes.

And while Sarah Palin seems like an interesting and possibly friendly person, I did not get a lot of instant charisma coming off of her. She mentioned that she started off in her school’s PTA, and I just couldn’t shake off that image of her. The pushy mom in the PTA who always brings cupcakes, puts down the other parents, and is possibly secretly racist and/or gay. I’m pretty sure she’s a character in like a hundred movies, and Sarah Palin talking like she’s straight out of “Fargo” doesn’t help to dispel that. Possibly this reaction is just me being latently sexist, but I don’t know

And on that note, if I was a woman I would be insulted by Palin’s implication that she will scoop up Hillary voters. It implies that Hillary’s supporters are so stupid that they would vote for someone who doesn’t even believe in allowing abortions in cases of rape or incest, SIMPLY because she is a woman. I certainly hope that kind of angling backfires.

And if Joe Biden doesn’t make the obvious, “I know Hillary Clinton… and you’re no Hillary Clinton,” joke in the debates I’ll be disappointed.

It’s just weird, this woman apparently didn’t even have a passport until last year. And she’s supposed to be ready to take over the presidency?


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