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Superman is a Democrat, Batman is a Republican

Posted by samgr on October 5, 2008

Superman is the son of immigrants, and was raised by a middle-class family in rural Kansas. He works as a journalist uncovering abuses of power. He believes in progressive values and is fiercely patriotic — driven by belief in truth, justice, and the American way. He cooperates with US law enforcement and criminal justice systems, and believes in the right to a fair trial. He avoids violence unless it is absolutely necessary.

Batman is a vigilante who believes that his position as a member of the American plutocracy allows him to work outside of the system. He is a billionaire who has been surrounded by luxury and opulence all his life, and has never had to work to support himself. He is motivated primarily by his belief in the power of fear. He uses violence and torture to achieve his goals, is answerable to no one, and considers himself better equipped than anyone else to determine a suspect’s innocence or guilt. He considers the legal system an impediment to bringing offenders to justice.

UPDATE:  Embarassing mistake: Superman of course IS an immigrant, is not the son of immigrants.


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