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Dang, Sorry Bobby Jindal…

Posted by samgr on February 25, 2009

So, to be fair, I did think Bobby Jindal’s speech last night was pretty bad. He sounded condescending and dumb, and there was no substance to what he said.

BUT… does he really deserve the pounding he’s getting now, from liberal and conservative commentators? What did they expect? He sounded stupid, but no stupider than, say, Richard Shelby has been sounding for the past several weeks. Or Mark Sanford, or whoever. And to me he sounded a good deal more sensible than Bush ever did.

I don’t get it exactly. Did all the Republicans just expect he would somehow save them from themselves in this one silly speech, and then feel betrayed when he didn’t? Maybe this is like the Fred Thompson situation. GOP unhappy with prospects, GOP sees someone new, SAVIOR, MESSIAH! Oh wait, the messiah is sleepy. Never mind. In this case, everyone gets all hyped up: hurrah, we have our own charismatic brown-skinned policy wonk now! Oh wait, he has no ideas, just like all the rest of us, and he talks like Mr. Rogers. Never mind.

I feel bad for him.


One Response to “Dang, Sorry Bobby Jindal…”

  1. Barbara said

    Time for new entries. Your fans want more.

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