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Twenty-four hours is like three weeks!

About Me

This is me.


I am a 26-year-old aspiring writer and actor and whatever person, wandering about confusedly. This is my first attempt at a blog. So please be kind. To find out more about me — and other stuff — read my blog. Blog blog blog.

NEW: Check out my NEW blog:

I swear you will not regret it.


8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. JAB said

    i like your blog sam!

  2. Roxie said

    You remind me of that guy I know…FROM SCHOOL!

  3. Leigh said

    I’ll read yours if you read mine. 🙂

    How’s things? When are we gonna see you again?

  4. It’s me from the old office, writing from my new office.

    I think you’re great, Sam, and I think your girl Roxy is mighty cool, too.

    I want to be your friend forever, okay?

    Chris Lydon

  5. samgr said

    We’re definitely BFF (best friends forever), Chris, and Roxie says hi.

  6. hughvic said

    Best of luck on your writing career.

    Break a nib!


    P.S. Watson’s a Crick.

  7. Lisa said

    Hi Sam, I came across a scrap of paper where you had written the address for your blog so I thought I would check in to see how you are doing and say hello. I’m glad to see you are still pursuing acting and doing something with your amazing writing skills. Please give my regards to Roxie and let me know how you both are doing. All best, Lisa

  8. Nick Plowman said

    I like your blog very much too, just visited it for the first time right now, but “I’ll Be Back”….lol

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