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Tarred and Feathered Fetish? Really?

Posted by samgr on October 18, 2007

The internet is weird. I look fairly frequently at the thing which lets me see the net searches that people use to get to my blog, and one that is popping up a lot now is “tarred and feathered fetish.” Is that a thing? Is it just one guy who keeps trying? I wonder what his history is. Talk about being born too late. I tell you though, the thrill is nothing compared to being drawn and quartered.


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Roy Orbison Wrapped in Clingfilm (Shrinkwrap?)

Posted by samgr on July 7, 2007

This is by far the best meme/fetish/slash fiction that I have ever seen. It describes a man’s series of encounters with Roy Orbison, always ending with the protagonist deriving sensual pleasure from wrapping Mr. Orbison up in clingfilm (which I think is shrinkwrap on our side of the Atlantic). I would love to look into contacting and interviewing this gentleman, possibly for the current incarnation of the Open Source website. We’ll see how well that goes over. I also want to write one of these stories. Full disclosure: I also once wanted to write a story in which Roy Orbison was the exiled king of the merpeople. I’m not even joking about this; I had it all worked out in my head. Maybe this site will give me the confidence to go forward with it.

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