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The Killers and Sexual Ambiguity

Posted by samgr on December 9, 2009

So the Killers are awesome.  I’ve known this for a while, but I’ve never paid all that much attention to their lyrics.  And I’m happy to report that a) they’re also awesome and b) they often have something approaching Magnetic Fields levels of ambiguous gender stuff and ambiguity in terms of the sexuality of the narrator.  (This may not be news to anyone else, I knew they were sort of a camp icon.)  This ranges from the obvious — “somebody told me /  you had a boyfriend / who looked like a girlfriend…” — to the slightly less obvious — it’s never actually never made clear in “Mr. Brightside” whether the narrator is jealous of the guy or the girl.  I’m in favor of this.


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Thing I Learned Today: “Caroline, No”

Posted by samgr on April 9, 2008

Via Wikipedia: “Caroline, No” by the Beach Boys was originally written as “Carol, I Know,” but Brian Wilson misheard it and they ended up going with the present title because it’s cooler.

This is neat because the accidental mishearing of the lyrics ended up giving the song more poignancy; “Caroline, No” is a weirder construction, and seems to convey more emotion. But it also shows that lunatic music geniuses also have the universal experience of mishearing lyrics: “Here we are now, in containers,” “Scuse me, while I kiss this guy,” etc.

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Strange, this Harry, he leaves the room, yet remains…

Posted by samgr on July 19, 2007

Part of the tragedy of the internet is that if you think you come up with something brilliant, it’s very easy to do a search and find out that dozens of people have already thought of it. My least favorite example of this is when I thought I was the first person to come up with the phrase “Barack the Vote.” I was able to disabuse myself of that idea very quickly, and “boom” went my visions of millions in t-shirt profits.

(A tiny bit related: I also thought I had come up with the descriptive phrase “muffin top,” and my dad says for a brief period in the sixties he thought that he had come up with “party-pooper.” These are examples of being stupid.)

So anyway, the point is that I’ve discovered my brilliant insight about Harry Potter HAS already been made, but not by all that many people. But I promise I came up with it independently. Also it’s not that brilliant. It is that it’s weirdly easy to make the song “Lily’s Eyes” from “The Secret Garden” correspond to the Harry Potter books, for reasons that are obvious if you’ve read the books. Concidence? Probably. Or J.K. Rowling didn’t bother to google the phrase “Lily’s hazel eyes” before writing the books, and now it’s too late. But here’s where I go out on a limb (again, not totally alone on that limb): my prediction is that the song will be proven MORE relevant by the final book.

Discuss. And I make no apology for writing about Harry Potter.

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Roy Orbison Wrapped in Clingfilm (Shrinkwrap?)

Posted by samgr on July 7, 2007

This is by far the best meme/fetish/slash fiction that I have ever seen. It describes a man’s series of encounters with Roy Orbison, always ending with the protagonist deriving sensual pleasure from wrapping Mr. Orbison up in clingfilm (which I think is shrinkwrap on our side of the Atlantic). I would love to look into contacting and interviewing this gentleman, possibly for the current incarnation of the Open Source website. We’ll see how well that goes over. I also want to write one of these stories. Full disclosure: I also once wanted to write a story in which Roy Orbison was the exiled king of the merpeople. I’m not even joking about this; I had it all worked out in my head. Maybe this site will give me the confidence to go forward with it.

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More Theremin Stuff than You Could Possibly Comprehend

Posted by samgr on April 25, 2007

A recording of me playing the theremin.

An interview with a dude who actually plays the theremin.

A bunch of pictures and a video of a famous thereminist, taken by me.

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I BUILT a Theremin!

Posted by samgr on April 19, 2007

See it here:

The Theremin is Complete

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More Stuff I Done

Posted by samgr on April 16, 2007

Deja vu post:

Theremin Update: I got a Soldering Iron
CliffsNotes: The Morality Comment Thread (Part Two)

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More of Me on the Internet

Posted by samgr on April 9, 2007

More stuff that I wrote on Open Source:

Theremin Update
CliffsNotes: The Morality Comment Thread (Part One)

I also continue to appear on Cailin’s weekly toast thingy, which you can find here, although I think I look dumb in it.

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Keith Richards’ Father

Posted by samgr on April 4, 2007

Ol’ Bert

Okay, so whether Keith Richards actually snorted his father or just made it all up, the story that’s getting lost here is that his father looked awesome. Sort of like an elderly Harry Flashman, or someone who just wandered out of a cellar during the Blitz and resumed his gardening. It’s not just the muttonchops either; earlier I saw a better picture that also showed off his short stature and amazing brown peacoat, but I can’t find it now. Oh well.

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I’m Building a Theremin

Posted by samgr on March 9, 2007

This has nothing to do with space. Or does it?

We’re Building a Theremin

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